Critical Review of David Bentley Hart’s The Experience of God

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The Experience of God, a book by prolific philosopher/theologian David Bentley Hart, is a surprisingly worthwhile read. Let me be clear, it most certainly isn’t a book I would ever have entertained the idea of reading if a friend hadn’t suggested it. After having read one of Hart’s earlier books, Atheist Delusions, about which I have virtually nothing positive to say, seeing as how it was little more than a string of apologetics for Christianity, I had very low expectations going in. Despite this initial scepticism however, I am pleased (and more than a little surprised) to report that, although I did have to hold my nose periodically to get through certain passages, The Experience of God opened up not insignificant common ground between Hart and myself. In this article, I will outline what I take to be the main theses of the book and highlight the areas in which we agree as well as those where we don’t.

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